This blog contains musings and stories from my life concerning motherhood.  Nothing in my life so far has brought such a dizzying simultaneous experience of the extraordinary and the utterly ordinary, of joy and heartache, fulfilment and frustration, as this remarkable task of being a mother. I think you know what I mean! As we try to be a “good enough mother “, as Winnicott termed it, we are also negotiating our own changing identities. We’re holding our child and trying to hold a space, or at least a discernible shape, in our life for ourselves.  This blog is all about that.

I’m a first time Mum with a little boy who is currently 21 months.  My other identities include/have included academic in English literature (a role I’ve given up), writer, and my current evolving role as psychodynamic therapist.  I’ll probably dip in and out of a bit of psychoanalytic concepts I find useful, and will try to provide links for these so you can read a bit more about them if you want.

As I include vignettes from my own life here, all names have been changed.